New Mobile RTS War Commander: Rogue Assault from the maker of Command & Conquer: Generals

Written By Apkhost on Minggu, 20 September 2015 | 07.19

You grow up enjoying the diverse PC game during the last fifteen years, may already be familiar with the name of the game series Command & Conquer. Yes, the real time strategy game (RTS) that used to be done by Louis Castle along Westwood studio is now in the list of the Electronic Arts-owned game no longer clear development.

The following interview Louis along Polygon, currently former creators CommandConquer & were involved the development of spin-off War Commander along withdeveloper Kixeye. Just additional information, War Commander is an online strategy game that you can play through your internet browser.

To make War Commander: Rogue Assault in contrast to experience another mobile strategy game out there, the Castle presents some of the elements that made thefamous Command & Conquer. Starting from the existence of a combat unit based on the modern war vehicles, simple controls, as well as 3D graphics presentations that made me remember the look the screenshot Command & Conquer: Generals.

When this paper was published, the new Kixeye limited open enrollment information about War Commander: Rogue Assault through the official site only. No other detailsabout when would roughly this game released for iOS and Android. That was clearwhen it was released later, War Commander: Rogue Assault will be available for free with the option of purchasing IAP in it
Unlike the previous version, War Commander: Rogue Assault prepared as spin-off War Commander with a touch of real time strategy gameplay to the mobile device. This means that you will find a RTS gameplay with PvP-based asynchronous mechanism that is less PC same as DomiNations, Clans, Clash of Empires & Allies, and the like.

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